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Bump protobuf-java from 3.15.1 to 3.15.3

Bumps protobuf-java from 3.15.1 to 3.15.3.

Release notes

Sourced from protobuf-java's releases.

Protocol Buffers v3.15.3


  • Ruby <2.7 now uses WeakMap too, which prevents memory leaks. (#8341)

Protocol Buffers v3.15.2


  • Fix for FieldDescriptor.get(msg) (#8330)


  • Fix PROTOBUF_CONSTINIT macro redefinition (#8323)
  • 983d115 Update protobuf version
  • eb542e6 Updated CHANGES.txt for 3.15.3 release
  • 80ec787 Merge pull request #8341 from haberman/ruby-2.5-gc
  • 9879f42 Ruby <2.7now uses WeakMap too, which prevents memory leaks.
  • d7e943b Update protobuf version
  • 1af4657 Updated CHANGES.txt
  • 09f94e7 Fix PROTOBUF_CONSTINIT macro redifinition
  • 2ff31d3 Merge pull request #8330 from haberman/rubyfix
  • 4e3ea74 [Ruby] Fix for FieldDescriptor.get(msg).
  • See full diff in compare view

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