UHH Informatics GitLab EE

Manage Git repositories with fine-grained access controls that keep your code secure. Perform code reviews and enhance collaboration with merge requests. Each project can also have an issue tracker and a wiki.

This GitLab server is intended to manage source code and documentation. Please do not store data sets, videos or similar large data.

Students, staff, and external users with an Informatics account, please log on in the 'LDAP' tab with your Informatics account (e.g. meier or 0bock), not with your Uni/STiNE account (bbxnnnn), and not with your email address.

External users with an account name starting with ext_, please log on in the 'Standard' tab with the local account created for you by the Gitlab administrator on your UHH Informatics project partner's request.


This server runs with an Educational License from the Gitlab Education Program. The license is valid until 2 March 2025.

Examples of acceptable use cases:

  • Classroom use - all activities related to the instruction of students in the classroom
  • Non-commercial academic research - activity related to not-for-profit research projects at an educational institution
  • Organizational use - activity related to a club or organization at an educational institution as related to the development of students; this could include open source student clubs, robotic clubs, engineering clubs or the like. Note that the non-acceptable use cases still apply to clubs and organizations

Examples of non-acceptable use cases:

  • IT professional use - use for maintaining or running the infrastructure, technology or otherwise, of the institution
  • Administrative use - use for any administrative functions of the institution including program management, planning, marketing, and service delivery
  • Commercial research - research conducted by any commercial programs or entities operated by or affiliated with the educational institution for a commercial purpose
UHH Informatics GitLab EE