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Bump guava from 30.1-jre to 30.1.1-jre

Bumps guava from 30.1-jre to 30.1.1-jre.

Release notes

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  <!-- or, for Android: -->




  • Increased the aggressiveness of Guava 30.1's warning log message for running guava-android under a Java 7 VM. (Android VMs are unaffected.) If the warning itself causes you trouble, you can eliminate it by silencing the logger for (which is used only for this warning). This warning prepares for removing support for Java 7 in 2021. Please report any problems. We have tried to make the warning as safe as possible, but anytime a common library logs, especially as aggressively as we do in this new release, there is the potential for NullPointerException or even deadlock. (To be clear, Guava will not log under Java 8 or Android, but it will under Java 7.) (00c25e9b11)
  • cache: Fixed compatibility between asMap().compute(...) and a load. (42bf4f4eb7)
  • cache: Added @CheckReturnValue to some APIs. (a5ef129ffc)
  • collect: Added @DoNotCall to the mutator methods on immutable types (6ae9532d11)
  • hash: Removed @Beta from HashCode. (2c9f161e10)
  • io: Removed @Beta from CountingOutputStream. (d394bac847)

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